William Deyesso

Executive Vice President in Boston, Massachusetts

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Family focused, William Deyesso balances life as a father and grandfather with experience as corporate CEO. Following three decades of work in Boston real estate, he assumed leadership of the Hanover-based third-party insurance administrator Royal Administration Services, Inc. William Deyesso spearheaded the firm’s emergence as a company with a clientele representing assets in the the billions of dollars.

Mr. Deyesso’s areas of knowledge include the direct writer insurance industry, and he is known for his expertise in the producer-owned reinsurance sphere. His professional background extends to offshore company operations of both controlled and non-controlled entities.

In the field of real estate, Mr. Deyesso engaged as Winn Development executive vice president and oversaw residential and commercial holdings spanning the country. His firm had a core focus of ensuring that existing housing developments stayed affordable. In addition to garden-style apartment communities, he guided the development of medical office and luxury hotel projects. William Deyesso maintains a strong philanthropic presence and operates a gentleman’s farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.